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Velkommen til oss!
Vi møter deg i våre lokaler i Strandkaien 16.

Der holder vi åpent
mandag til fredag mellom 
10.00 og 17.00

Andre møtetider kan avtales individuelt

About us

Our general manager is a trained tailor and designer. She was born in Estonia in 1997, and has always had a great interest in needle and thread. She won the Youth Sewing Championship in 2015, and received a certificate at Årstad VGS in 2019 after 4 years of education.

In 2016, she started offering sewing services to both friends and acquaintances. As the customer base increased, she started her own sewing studio, and since then has worked professionally as a tailor.

With us, we offer everything from adaptation of wedding dresses, suits and production and adaptation of all types of clothing for both women and men. In addition, we also have a lot of experience in interior textiles.

Today, we have 6 skilled tailoring employees, and for larger assignments we have the opportunity to employ more.

Some of our employees have over 20 years of experience in sewing and textiles.

We want to work with everyone who shares our values about people and the climate. We focus on reducing waste by adjusting, repairing and sewing new quality clothes and textiles that can be used for many years. For environmental reasons, we recommend using natural materials as far as possible.


Interior stitching

We design and manufacture curtains, blinds, bedspreads and pillowcases. We also offer reupholstering of chairs and other furniture. Our employees are experienced, skilled and efficient.

Our experience includes, among other things, the production of curtains and the re-draping of 183 chairs in Mikkelparken.

We have also done textile work for hotels in the Bergen area. This usually concerns the adjustment of curtains or tailor-made curtains.

We guarantee good work, and can show good references!


Vi tar på oss alle typer skredderoppdrag!

Needle and thread at your service!


Adjustment Services

Kle deg med selvtillit! Hvem kan vel motstå noen i et perfekt skreddersydd antrekk?


Få skreddersydde kvalitetsklær fra Bergen Skredderi! Vår ekspertise er akkurat det du trenger for å vise din personlige stil.

Personal service

Bergen Skredderi offers stylish designs and personal customization for optimal fit. We want everyone to have a good experience with us, and therefore offer the opportunity to come in for a non-binding chat.

By combining our experience and your wishes for cut and style, you will both feel comfortable and look great.

We take good care of all our customers, and want a good and long-term cooperation.

Feel free to visit our store for a pleasant conversation where we can discuss your wishes and needs.

Book an appointment with us.

Taking Measurments

Uansett hva slags skredderhjelp du trenger, kan du stole på at vi arbeider effektivt og godt, og at vi kun leverer godt arbeid. 

Vi gir arbeidsgaranti!

We are very pleased with the service at Bergen Skredderi! The employees do their very best for their customers.

Skyler Adelson

Textile Industry

Opening hours

Bergen Skredderi

Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 18.00
Lørd.: 12.00 - 16.30pm
Sønd: Stengt

Velkommen til oss i Bergen Skredderi!

 Book en gratis time hos oss!

Strandkaien 16, Bergen

90402421 / 90232206

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Takk for din henvendelse!

Measuring Fabrics

Ideas to reality

We can help you turn your ideas into reality. Please contact us for more information.


Order a suit, trousers or jacket from us and get a 15% discount on the total price.


Vi hjelper deg med å utvikle dine egne design. Vi tilbyr skreddertjenester til både bedriftskunder og privatpersoner. 


We offer consultations in clothing and interior textile design. Please contact.

Ekspert for å sy- og design klær og interiørtekstil

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